soirée Zodiak presents Twan

Zodiak presents Twan

Vendredi 23 Novembre 2018 23:55 » 24/11/2018 07:00


10 Rue Marché aux Fromages, 1000 Brussels (BE)



4 x 1 entrées à gagner pour cette soirée. Tentez votre chance gratuitement!


TWAN, Klengmann, Noetik, Sedated, Cyril, Leolo
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| TWAN (RIMBU, Repossession)
Ghent home-based dj/producer TWAN co-founded the successful Belgian techno concepts RIMBU in Belgium in May 2016 and Repossession in September 2017. Strongly growing ever since, RIMBU is now becoming one of Belgium’s biggest industrial techno events.
Strongly influenced by rave music, TWAN created a unique sound in his DJ sets and productions that can be recognized instantly when he takes over the decks. Heavy pounding percussion combined with oldschool ravy synths are his recipe.

| Klengmann (Blackwall record)
Klengmann’s music takes from a wide array of techno genres from dark or melancholic to happy, while some are more straightforward minimal dancefloor tracks with a groovy bass and traditional beats.

| Noetik (Decoy Records, Coincidence Records)
Noetik is a Belgian techno producer. Influenced by artists like Len Faki, Bas Mooy, Ø [Phase], Slam, Blawan, Antigone and many others. This young producer signed his first EP on the famous Belgian label Coincidence Records.

| Sedated (Blackwall record)
Born on July 9, 1992 in Hornu (Belgium), Sedated begins at the age of 12 to become interested in electronic music.
Passionate, he starts mixing tracks with a friend in his room. A few years later, he performed in a bar of reputation in Mons: L'Escobar. It was that evening that makes him realize that it was not just a passion for DJing, but a real vocation.
As a fan of Techno music, he is inspired by the releases of certain labels such as: ARTS, TOKEN, AFFIN to compose his first tracks.
Convinced and determined to live his passion thoroughly, Sedated wants to show the Belgian public that techno music is not necessarily the copy of a copy.


| Leolo (Beatronic)

| Cyril (Beatronic)

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