soirée Trauma XI w/ JUDAΣ [Live] & Subjected (DE)

Trauma XI w/ JUDAΣ [Live] & Subjected (DE)

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Jeudi 06 Décembre 2018 23:00 » 07/12/2018 07:00


7-8 Oude Markt, 3000 Louvain (BE)

Techno, House

Trauma XI w/ JUDAΣ [Live] & Subjected (DE)

It's time for the third and last edition of the semeser, and already the eleventh Trauma event (Trauma XL not includedl) by COMFORT ZONE. After previous editions with artists like 999999999, Setaoc Mass, Dyad, Głós, Introversion, Tim Tama, Stephany Sykes, Jacid0rex, Taro Division, Moving Thoughts, Anders Hellberg, Farrago, Border One, Phara & Altinbas, we're gonna provide you guys something special.

And so we did. For the final Trauma-event of the semester we present to you: Subjected (DE) & a live performance of Judas aka JUDAΣ.

The Social Club hosted by COMFORT ZONE


[Vault Series ] - [ARTS] - [Subjected Systems]

A young man, faceless in the pallid light, entirely
gripped by these machines, source of this brutal
black noise. Dark, thundering bass drums,
distorted soundscapes and grooves start to
emerge. He lives for the machines. The machines
live for him. This is Subjected, an amalgam of
darkness, distortion and aggression.

Anonymity as a function, mystical without usual
clichés. No hiding behind masks, no digging in the
past, no techno purism, no strive for fame -
SUBJECTED stands for distinctly deep, identifiable
techno. Designed in the shadows, to be consumed
in the darkness. A label. Music, and nothing more.

Born in Hoyerswerda in 1983, and brought up in
the tristesse of Berlin-Hellersdorf, he was strongly
socialised by the lower class suburb with its grey,
oppressive tower blocks. The first musical
attempts he made were in Hip hop and rap, but it
wasn't long until he started to be aware of all the
progress happening in Berlin in the mid 90's, and
got infected by the early club nights in legendary
E-werk and Tresor as well as mixtapes from local
radio stations. All of this shaped him towards his
own musical reinvention. Techno as a possibility
of identification, allowed him to find himself. It's
the monotony, the uniqueness of the synthetic
sound, that enabled Subjected to express himself
– starting as a DJ, since 2006 also acting as a
producer. This resulted in various projects and the
launch of Vault Series in 2010. Ever since their first
major successes, Vault Series are a guarantee for
dancefloor-oriented tracks, with highly distinctive
concepts and structures of sound.

JUDAΣ [Live]


Judas aka JUDAΣ is known from his brilliant
releases on ARTS. His live performance
will give you the chance to take a glimpse at
the unlimited potential of the mind.


KÏNG's gradually becoming infamous for his
numerous allnighters & graveyard shifts around
Leuven. Always searching for unknown belters
hidden deep in the inexpugnable underworld of
rave culture, he resurfaces with the weapons
needed for entertainng the hellbent beings of
the night. When joining him, your anxiety
induced by the fear of dawn will succumb.and
you'ill be reluctant, yet satisfied to go home.

An event by COMFORT ZONE & The Social Club

JUDAΣ [Live]
KÏNG Search Hotel

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