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Techno, House

Vendredi 24 Février 2018, 0:00
24 Février 2018, 8:00

717A Ottergemsesteenweg-Zuid, 9000 Gent (BE)

Plan d'accès   Hotel


Dear, beloved creatures of the night!

The time has finally come;

Enough with the roosting in dark caverns and sleeping in holes, after hibernation a new RIMBU is set to dusk upon us!

We, the mammals all-round, get out of our state of inactivity as the nocturnal Chiroptera awaken and swarm above their one-dimensional surface, merely to let the whole animal kingdom know to get ready for the the most mysterious phenomenon of all, the next RIMBU gathering.

So join us once again on the journey, with high hopes of RIMBU, to be around for many years to come…

Ticket sale starts on Thursday January 4 at 18:00 sharp!

Artwork by Flor De Pauw



Perc (Perc Trax, CLR (Official), Stroboscopic Artefacts) [UK]

Ansome Live (Perc Trax, South London Analogue Material, Mord
Records,) [UK]

Ghost in the Machine (Perc Trax, Genosha Recordings) [NL]

TWAN (RIMBU, T/W/B, MadBack Records) [BE]

Parheim Live (Kozzmozz, KNTXT) [BE]

"RIMBU - Perc Trax: The Nocturnal Awakening" Soirée annoncée par : EnriCa