soirée Mølly Urban Nights

Mølly Urban Nights

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Vendredi 07 Décembre 2018 23:30 » 08/12/2018 05:00


13 Overpoortstraat, 9000 Gand (BE)

Urban Music

Three million cash, call me Rain Man. Money like a shower, that's my rain dance.
And we all in black, like it's Gangland. Say the wrong word, you be hangman.
Taste, taste She can get a taste.

Come and get a taste of the urban flavors we're providing every first Friday of the month at Klub XIII. It's a birthday edition so if you are born in October-November-December, bring three friends, show your ID and get a free bottle of bubbles. (1bottle/group)

In the mood to pop some bottles?
PM Kenji Leta for package deals & table reservations.

Last urban party before examinations so make it count

MAD LAWRENCE // Mølly resident, Bar.A-Bar, Blackbox 66
DJ GUSTO // Bar.A-Bar, Klub XIII, Hype O Dream Search Hotel

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