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SONUS Festival 2018

Techno, House

Vendredi 29 Septembre 2017, 23:00
30 Septembre 2017, 7:00

717A Ottergemsesteenweg-Zuid, 9000 Gent (BE)

Plan d'accès   Hotel


For the 25th anniversary of Axis Records, Jeff Mills will perform an exclusive all night show at Kompass. Expect a live composing performance and DJ set from the Techno Wizard himself.

The DJ setup will consist of 4 CD players, a DJ mixer, 2 Reel-to-reel players and a drum machine. The composing setup will consist of a keyboard, 3 synth modules, a sequencer and a drum machine. With video recording, ravers will be able to behold all details of Jeff's performance during the night.

This will be an exclusive event with a limited amount of tickets.



Jeff Mills

"Jeff Mills - All Night Long - 25th Axis Anniversary" Soirée annoncée par : EnriCa