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Vendredi 26 Janvier 2018 23:00 » 27/01/2018 05:00


Rue Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussels (BE)

Techno, House

KNTXT, le concept techno de Charlotte de Witte, célèbre son 3ème anniversaire au Fuse (Bruxelles).
Un événement à ne surtout pas manquer!

BJARKI is from Iceland. Born and raised. Bjarki’s not a fan of boxes. In fact, if you try putting him in one he’ll gleefully jump out and stamp all over it. He’s amongst the leading the pack of international artists who in the past few years have taken a hauntological approach to re-moulding the scents of breakbeat, rave, jungle and IDM into sounds that are entirely their own.

SHDW & OBSCURE SHAPE founded From Another Mind in April of 2014, a party which brought their favorite artists to their hometown Stuttgart. Though young at age, their record collection demonstrates musical knowledge some veterans can only hope to gain and they swiftly but thoughtfully moves through different periods of electronic music in their sets.

CELLINI, as he is called, wields an extreme wide array of powerful sounds; sometimes deep and emotional, yet sometimes powerful and ecstatic. A harmonic blend between wandering sounds and kicking drums is the receipt of Cellini’s productions. Reading the mind and soul of his audience, Cellini takes you on a journey through the deepest parts of the techno spectrum and translates infinite depth into audible sounds.

If there’s one DJ about to take the world by storm, it’s CHARLOTTE DE WITTE. Never shying away from a challenge, malling her career and music the way she envisions it, scorching through a myriad of uncompromising, agressive techno sets across Europe.



Bjarki (трип⎟IS)
SHDW & Obscure Shape (From Another Mind⎟DE)
Cellini (Cycle Four⎟BE)
Charlotte de Witte (Mary Go Wild Black⎟Host)

Visuals by Malika Maria at wOrk

LINE UP ROOM.02 by Float Records

TWR72 ( Float Records ⎟NL )
Altinbas ( Float Records ⎟BE ) Search Hotel

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