La Demence Party Concept


LA DEMENCE is a crazy gay party that takes place in Brussels once a month: mostly on a Friday, or sometimes the day before a bank holiday. At Easter and at Halloween, a full party weekend is organised with several parties in different venues.

What makes La Demence stand out from the other gay parties is the international crowd, and the variety of styles and ages.

As Brussels is strategically placed as a city, LA DEMENCE attracts, beside the local Belgians, a lot of visitors from France, The Netherlands and Germany, as well as hot Italian, Swiss, Spanish, British and American boys. Many make the trip by organized buses from Cologne and Paris, or choose to enjoy the cheap hotel arrangements, offered in the historical center of Brussels, with late check-out coming in handy, as the party carries on until noon!

Not only you will hear many languages spoken, but the mix of different ages and styles partying together will also amaze: leather boys, fashion victims, muscle queens, drags, young and old – in total in excess of 2000 gays having one hell of a party together.

There is no dresscode !


++ 32 2 511 97 89

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Mar 01/01 La Demence - New Year

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