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21 Simonsstraat - 2018 Antwerp

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Ampere is a cultural and creative event space geared towards young people and located in the heart of Antwerp. The key words for understanding Ampere are engagement, solidarity and sustainability. The aim is to bring international partners, artists and projects together and to offer an educational platform and support for young organisers and artists.

Ecology, tourism and innovative economics play an important role here. Up-and-coming artists will be prepped for a national and international launch. Workshops will be organised to support young people’s passions and teach them new skills, including music production, DJ-ing, working with graphics and video-manipulation software, painting, video mapping, digital photography, and promoting.

Ampere will be open during the day as well as at night. On weekdays events such as lectures, vinyl fairs, workshops, after-school care, sports activities and so on can take place. In the near future Ampere will expand it’s activities with a restaurant and bar, a vinyl shop, flex-working offices and a studio.

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